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Painless Ric likes to keep it simple. His mission statement is very straightforward.

"To provide the highest quality tattooing and piercing services available to all of my customers, offering "painless" body adornments."

Painless Ric has been inking flesh for over 37 years. He is licensed in Washington, Oregon and California. Rics shop is the only shop in the Camas area with membership to the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, the de facto professional standard within the industry.

Ric moved to Clark County well over 20 years ago. "Back then there weren't any tattoo parlors around here. I just ran around giving tattoo parties," he says.

As the story goes, some of Ric's old biker friends started calling him "painless" and the name stuck. But they don't call him "Painless" for nothing. The gimmick around Ric's spotless, well lit shop is that Painless Ric doesn't sport any tattoos of his own. "You want to know why I'm painless? I don't feel a damn thing," he jokes.

Ric has done well in Clark County. He outgrew his first shop and moved several doors down to a larger space to accomodate his ever growing clientele. Ric is now located at 315 NE Birch Street.

Due to the fact that Ric has become such a well known name in the area (and a bit of a legend to boot! People have come from as far as Germany to get a tattoo from Ric!), his business is strictly by appointment only. He does however have several other qualified tattooist on staff to handle the never ending flow of walk-in traffic. To make an appointment with Ric or any of the staff, call: (360) 834-3899.

Over the years, Ric's work has been featured in many National and International publications. You can see some of that work in the Media Archives. Additionally, Ric has received countless awards for his outstanding art - a small sampling of which can be found in the Awards section of this website.

As stated above, Painless Ric likes to keep it simple - if you are looking for the best tattoo or piercing work in the Pacific Northwest along with the most professional standards, credentials and service - you've found the right place.