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What's got 6 wheels, a ton of wall flash, is clean as a whistle and is bigger than a breadbox? The infamous Painless Ric Mobile Unit, that's what! This state of the art unit is a virtual replica of all the award winning features of Painless Ric's shop. And speaking of award winning, when the mobile unit hits the road, attending various events around the state, it never fails to bring home the goods.

The Painless Ric mobile unit has all of the ammenities that you've come expect from the studio in Camas, including hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of world class wall flash to make just the right design for your next tattoo. And even more importantly, the mobile unit adheres to the exact same high standards of sterilazation and general sanitation and cleanliness that you find at Painless Ric's Tattoo Studio. It's no wonder that Ric's mobile unit is the only officially state licensed mobile tattoo facility in Washington State (Oregon licensing coming next summer!). The mobile unit is available for events throughout the State on a selective, appointment only basis. If you would like to book the mobile unit to appear at your next function, contact Ric here.

When the mobile unit rolls into your event it comes as a completely self contained, world class tattoo facility. Depending on the size of your event, the unit comes fully staffed with 2-3 world class tattooists and 1-2 piercing specialists. Ric and his crew handle all setup of the unit and have no special requirements other than the space the unit occupies. The mobile unit has it's own power and water, making it a complete, fully functioning studio on wheels. Like all of Ric's endeavors, the unit is first class and fully licensed and insured (by Lloyds of London no less!)

As with everything associated with Painless Ric, the mobile unit is first class and spotlessly clean, sporting everything required (actually, even over and above) for sterilization to virtual hospital grade standards. As a matter of fact, Ric began tattooing long before there were any uniform standards or State laws to govern the tattoo industry. Ric chose to govern himself with the sanitary and safety standards that are now required by State law. Over the years Ric has been a vocal and powerful voice in helping the State shape and regulate the laws that are now in place. Long before it was fashionable, Ric set the standard.

It should go without saying (but we'll say it again anyway!), that the quality of work that comes out of the mobile unit is world class. The art that the unit has produced has won countless awards at countless events and has sent an endless stream of satisfied customers out into the world. Ric's customers are fiercely loyal because they know they've choosen the best in area for thier art that will last a lifetime. The mobile unit is clean and comfortable and satisfaction is the goal and ALWAYS guarenteed!

If you'd like to inquire about booking this spectacular and unique attraction for your next event, give Ric a call or contact him here. The mobile unit is a truly one of a kind feature that will leave the people who attended your event talking (good stuff) for years to come.