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Here's a small sample of what people are saying about Painless Ric:

Dear Ric & Ryan,

Thank you guys for the great art and professional application you provided for me! I am super excited to show off this tattoo, it is absolutely so much more than what I was expecting.

Ryan Boomhower is an awesome young artist and I will be back for at least two more pieces to be drawn up by him (applauds).

Ric is simply a joy to be around; supper attentive, fun and thorough-this guy is simply awesome.

After three sessions and almost 15 hours of work you'd think I would be dreading any more time in the "chair"! Quite the opposite; I'll be back next fall to get some company for my "Koi"- in fact; I am already researching for it!

If you want a great experience this is the place. Thanks again Ric and to all the friendly, cool gang at Painless Ric's!

Most Sincerely, Don Houvener
Vancouver, WA.

Tonight after Nakita and I left the Shop we went to every tattoo parlor open, and told them about the shitty job that "Leather and Lace" did.

Also, I am going to make up a myspace page all about Tattoos: WHAT NOT TO DO. This page will be dedicated to you and thanking you for the extremely good advice in which I decided not to listen to; because I am a dumb teen.

Thank you so much! As soon as I am 18, Painless Rics will be the only place I will go to and trust to get my tattoos.

Thank you so much for all of your help!

Kara Jo

Everyone I’ve shown my new tattoo is very impressed. I really love it. It’s healing really nicely too. It was an awesome first tattoo experience. People are amazed at the colors and how vibrant it looks. I would absolutely do it again. You guys rock – everyone was so nice and supportive.

Best Regards,
Nancy H

Ric and Mary,
We just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful work! The service and quality of work we received at your new shop last night was wonderful. We are lifetime clients and will NEVER go anywhere else.

See you soon.....good luck with the new shop
Erinn, Ryan and Myles

Hello All-
I'm writing to give your shop - especially AUSTIN a RAVE review! I showed up at the shop with an idea of how I wanted to commemorate my daughter, I showed Mary and Austin my idea - when I returned for the tat - I was amazed!!! Mary really listened when I told her that all of my tats are freehand drawings - well when I showed up for the work - Austin had the most amazing work prepared for me! It was a very emotional thing for me - and Austin and Mary were so very cool! The Robin itself, well she's AWESOME and the lettering - freaking fabulous! Especially when you consider that that sweet boy crawled on floor to write on my leg!!!! My other tats are cover-ups - so I am doubly impressed that Austin was able to take my conversation with him (and Mary) and transform my heart into the wonderful tat that I have today. My only regret is that I've only been able to show it off to 2 people today!

Oh - by the way - tipping does NOT make it painless! But your staff was sure there to help distract me! Mary, sweetheart that she is - and nice ass too- even came over to sit and talk with me during the worst of the shading! Your shop is awesome and your staff is terrific!
Congratulations! At least 10 people have asked me where I went for my work after my story of how awesome my experience was with this tat! I'll be recommeding your shop to everyone! And I'll be sure to come by so that Austin can take pics of his great work! His book should be on the table next to Tony's! As far as freehand goes - Austin is the best!


Hey Guys! Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my cover up!

Thanks again and I will see you soon for the finisihing touches,


Hey Ric,

Got an add on at your place Friday night. I must say, without a doubt that it was the best experience getting a tattoo I have ever had, from the conversation, to the tat itself. You have a very soft touch. The area you worked is a sensative part (the inner forearm). You should say not only is it painless for you, it is almost painless for your client. You are an artist and a gentleman. When ever I am in town, you can count on me to keep on coming.


Gerard, Angela and Ella

Good morning,

I came in last night and finally got a tattoo at the studio at Mill Plain. I've never had a tattoo before and I had designed my own and was very nervous to have it go from paper design to the real thing on my upper butt cheek. I had no idea where to go and looked for a studio in the phone book on-line to try and find a place and I was very lucky to have been welcomed at your studio by Daniel who calmed my nervousness with his professional laid back nature and his attitude of "no problem, I can easily do that tattoo for you".

My tattoo turned out completely perfect and very, very beautiful!!! and he was so very professional towards me considering I had my butt exposed while he was working on it! It hurt quite a bit more than I thought it would but he was so good at working on it quickly (about 10 minutes I think), and I am very appreciative of your artful ability and respectful attitude!

Thank you so much Daniel....... you are truly very good at what you do! I will always refer anyone to you who wants a tattoo! I absolutely love it!!!

Very sincerely,